We demand:

  • All ages must be allowed to protect themselves from covid infection until full vaccination protection is achieved.
  • A granting of the rights guaranteed in the Grundgesetz (Art. 2 and Art. 6) to physical integrity, taking into account that "...care and upbringing of children [...] are the natural right of parents and the duty incumbent upon them first and foremost.".
  • Mandatory implementation of all infection protection measures recommended by the RKI for daycare centers and schools.
  • Compulsory education instead of compulsory attendance. Qualified schooling is also ensured for those students who choose distance education.
  • Families must be allowed to choose whether to fulfill the educational obligation through attendance instruction or (school-designed) distance instruction.
  • Transparent communication of infection events in every school and daycare center. Parents must know which infection event, if any, they are sending their children to.

December 2021

A year of hopes and disappointments, uncertainties and big changes is coming to an end.

Families resist great stresses. We are pushing the limits of health care and social cohesion. We see warnings and appeals from science ignored and social consensus damaged.

Many have had to and are having to say goodbye. Of loved ones who have died due to Sars-CoV-2 infection or who could not be properly helped to survive another serious illness due to the constant overload in hospitals.

Many are tired and even more wish that this exhausting time is finally over. Mixed into this mood is news of ever new threatening variants. Already, the Air Force is flying seriously ill people across the country and even abroad for treatment.

Almost unnoticed by the public, the numbers are also rising in schools and daycare centers. In almost every school and institution, there are now children and young people who have recovered but are still not "back to their old selves" even a long time after becoming ill. This places a heavy burden on the families affected. There are still far too few offers of help and treatment for children suffering from such long-term consequences. A difficult, uncertain time.

It is even more terrible to look at the number of children who have died. We are horrified by the relativizing references to "possible pre-existing conditions" - as if a child's life would then be less valuable and the loss less painful for those left behind. This way of thinking is cynical and wrong. All children are at risk of corona, pre-disease or not.

We are horrified by the model calculations of statisticians and epidemiologists: With an unchecked infection of the young generation (especially unvaccinated children), we would have to reckon with hundreds of deaths and thousands and thousands of children suffering from LongCovid in the coming weeks.

That infections are also being carried back out of schools and daycare centers and into families is scientifically indisputable. "Proposals and draft concepts on how to deal with the incidence of infections and the resulting challenges to daycare centers and schools have been submitted to responsible parties by scientists:inside and practitioners:inside over the past 20 months. It is time to validate and implement them."

Signers of this call come from all segments of the population, united in the desire to move beyond the pandemic and finally provide adequate protection for children.

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